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Central Transport is all grown up and revving its engines. Our innovative and dynamic LTL company has been the fastest growing in the industry, but we’re just getting started. You may not know much about us because we are a privately-held company. Our focus has been on creating a new industry business model that maximizes the value provided to customers. CT is proud to do business with many of the world’s largest corporations representing a broad spectrum of manufacturing, retail, and companies of all sizes. We are financially rock-solid and firmly positioned for the long term.

Our most important investment and source of value to you is our company drivers. Due to an aggressive recruitment campaign and the highest pay scale in the industry, we have attracted the best drivers and given them the most technologically sophisticated tools to be optimally productive with. And they are delivering, on time and with an outstanding safety record. The combination of a highly-trained and motivated work force, clear performance standards, and process discipline has created a truly responsive, customer-focused culture throughout Central Transport. Interested in joining us?